Feel The Heat Of Oxygen Combined With Acetylene

From the day the term ‘technology’ was given its name, till date, it has evolved incredulously deeming itself as a never ending process just like the evolution of the human being. Technology had evolved the process of cutting and binding metals which once was performed manually and through extensive heating of ends. But the constant drive of betterment leads to demand of expertise and understanding in the welding field.  Now with amplified efficiency and innovativeness, welding is popularly handled by a unique mechanism that uses fuel gases to weld metals and oxygen to cut them.

From specialized welding to industrial applications, a special tool known as an Oxygen Acetylene Torch is used to perform the job of welding with uttermost professionalism. It is named after its basic requirement of oxygen or fuel gas source to fully function and as compared to manual welding, it is a much faster and easier process. The torch consists of an oxygen and a fuel gas contained safely in cylinders, two regulators that control pressure and accompanied by two flexible hoses that each lead to both of the cylinders. The torch then utilized the fuel gas  and oxygen with the help of a connection leading from the cylinders to the torch head itself. Torches come with adjustable knobs that help you regulate when you need to use the torch as a cutter or as a welder.

The versatility and ease of use of the torch makes it ideal for a wide range of applications. It is great for people who love creating things on their own, enjoy crafting, professional welders, small businesses and even,  industrial end production. There are two kinds of frames that the Oxygen Acetylene Torch can produce: the welding flame and the cutting flame. So its uses range from welding metal to cutting metal, stone flaming, fire polishing (native to the glass industry), water welding ( for jewelry production) and melting or braking any other element such as limestone and platinum.

Acetylene is the primary fuel source that is packed in cylinders in stabilized form,  to be safely used for repair work, cutting and welding . The role of oxygen in the functioning of the torch is extremely important because it burns the fuel to produce the heat needed for welding. It allows the process of oxidation or more specifically, combustion to occur. The amount of oxygen you allow to reach the fuel  through the torch’s head determines what kind of a flame you need; carbonizing flame, oxidizing flame or just the oxy-acetylene flame. The torch’s flame is easily adjustable and controlled with the help of built-in regulators.

Welding can be tricky if the correct instruments are not used but it does not mean that you will have to rely on a professional welder to do your job. With the easy and simple functioning of this torch, you can be sure to achieve the same high quality finishing. It’s the level of high performance that you can bring to your own doorsteps for all possible welding needs.